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Maintaining your Workers' Comp insurance and claims doesn't have to be confusing and tedious. Let Zenjuries take control!

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What is Zenjuries?

Zenjuries is a suite of web and mobile applications along with an efficient service that allow you to manage and maintain your workers' comp needs with organization and ease. In addition, it provides communication, responsive actions, and accountability to any workers' comp injury event. Zenjuries is the framework and guide that you need to make sure your employees are taken care of properly, and that you save money in the process.

Best Practices for Workers' Comp

The world of workers' comp can be rough for the uninitiated. With Zenjuries, “best practices” are built into the system itself creating better user experiences resulting in much lower costs.

Zenjuries has completely transformed the workers’ comp experience and the financial results are amazing. Our press the gas & go technology is friendly for the tech novices, and featured enough to satisfy experienced users.

Captain Zen is here to help! With Zenjuries you can have your very own workers comp HERO, swooping in to save the day when you have injuries to report and employees to get back to work!
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