Workers’ Compensation has been around for a long time.The current concept of the Workers’ Compensation system is very old. It was originally designed to protect employees and employers from frivolous lawsuits against one another by providing prompt care to injured employees... without liability being assigned to either party.

The world has changed quite a bit since 1871’s first employers liability law. While the world’s advancement in technologies are incredible, the experience of workers’ comp is still stuck in the past.
Zenjuries is bringing the old world Workers' Comp insurance into the new world.

Introducing Zenjuries!

A few years ago we introduced Zenjuries, and the Workers' Comp world has not been the same since. Zenjuries is the world’s first, best and easiest to use workers’ comp app.

From easy-to-use 5 step injury reporting, to instantaneous verification of sent first reports, to comprehensive team-based communication, Zenjuries has all the features you would expect in a modern software-as-service application and more. And, we have full-featured mobile applications available on popular platforms.

But, Workers' Comp has all these bad stories?Workers’ Compensation Insurance doesn’t come with a user manual. It’s costly, very confusing and vilified. Attorneys across the nation disparage workers’ comp every day in commercials, billboards and publications. They attempt to make workers’ comp a “bad thing”. As a whole, businesses are perceived as the mean, selfish “bad guys” in the equation because of these constant barrages of negativity.
So, Zenjuries is taking that territory back.

Workers’ Comp is a great thing!

Workers' Comp insurance actually one of the most benevolent insurances that a business can provide for its employees, not a necessary evil.

The issue is that many businesses don’t know exactly how to use it properly. Until now.

Zenjuries automates the confusing processes and procedures from start to finish through our easy to use software. We create teams that work together through injuries and then automate work comp best practices to finally achieve the results you’ve only dreamed of!
Super simple. Super fun. Super results.

In conclusion... Captain Zen Saves the Day! With Zenjuries you can have your very own workers comp HERO, swooping in to save the day when you have injuries to report and employees to get back to work! Get Zenjuries now!
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