Take a minute and enjoy a couple of our fun-loving attempts at Hollywood greatness…kinda. We’ve put together some of our greatest hits and more will be added on a regular basis, so make sure to check back often…it’s worth it!

  • Illustration Of Mice...I mean Businesses That Use Zenjuries It’s almost ridiculous to think that a mouse gathering cheese could be a great analogy about what it’s like for a business that uses Zenjuries to manage work comp injuries…almost!

  • Steve Jobs Tells People What Zenjuries Is Like! We’d like to thank Steve Jobs for recording this message many moons ago about what the power of a tool can do for mankind. Zenjuries is that tool for workers’ compensation.

  • The Happiest Employees Feel Loved! Employees that are cared for by their employers perform better. Period. Look at what it did for this guy who was hurt and then loved back to work.

Want to see for yourself how Zenjuries can improve your business and save you money?

Zenjuries is an online, cloud-based platform that connects businesses, agencies, carriers, and injured employees. It’s very simple to use and lowers and controls 100% of the work comp injuries that go through the system. The average loss cost is 60% better than the traditional workers’ comp market. The best news, Zenjuries can be installed and put into use in less than 10 minutes!

The bottom line is Zenjuries helps empower businesses to achieve better WC experiences, outcomes and costs.

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