Technical Details
How Zenjuires works

Zenjuries is a software-as-service built upon a modern PHP infrastructure. We deployed our application on state of the art cloud servers, and have the capacity to expand to any number of clients and users. In addition to our robust web-side application and servers, we develop mobile applications for iOS and Android, available in the iTunes and Play stores.

Both the web-based and the mobile applications access the same servers, so continuity of information is always assured. We back up our information on the cloud as well, and have full https security for both web and mobile applications.

In addition, we designed and provide a full API for further development of Zenjuries in third-party applications, and for client software integrations.

Traditional WC System: Deliver cheapest policy and wait for claims. Bad customer experience. Higher Claims Costs. Zenjuries: Deliver our software/app, accessible and usable on all electronic platforms, and create an automated WC “best practices” experience. Good customer experience. Lower Claims Costs.
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