Why use Zenjuries?
Who is behind it

The founders of Zenjuries are career, commercial insurance professionals. Working with the ups and downs within the industry for years, they decided it was time for a change. They recognized that key drivers of work comp losses are controllable, but for decades little has been done to effect any positive change. To the average employer and employee, Workers' Comp is a mysterious and misunderstood system, with one exception. That if I [the injured employee] get an attorney involved, I’m golden!”

Cost & Effect
What are the key cost drivers of Workers' Comp?

There are many factors involved with the cost and complications, but the top cost drivers (and our main culprits) are:

  • Lag in the reporting of claims--meaning claims reported days or weeks after an injury occurs instead of immediately.
  • Unnecessary attorney involvement due to misaligned expectations and FEAR of the unknown.
  • Inappropriate medical care, too often defaulting care to an Emergency Room when an Urgent Care facility is capable.

Impact of Reporting
What do we know about the impact of slow claims reporting?

Frankly, a lot! The exact percentages vary, but the impact is inarguable, and it is BAD! Check out the following information to see just how much...
OSHA findings:

  • Prompt reporting alone can lower costs by 47%
  • At 3 days old, the average increase in Med is 16%, Indemnity 38%
  • And at 12 days old, the likelihood of attorney involvement increases by 68%!
Bus Insurance (5/26/15):
  • Delays in reporting WC claims can cause costs to increase by up to 50%
  • Claims with more than a 2-week delay have greater attorney involvement, more use of lump sum settlements, and a lower closure-rate @18 months. (I don’t have to tell you that is bad, right?)

The Big Problem
Why is Workers' Comp “misunderstood”?

Both Employers and Employees take a dim view of “the system”. It is perceived as adversarial, one that views plaintiff’s attorneys as saviors...and carriers as the “enemy”, just watch TV. Sadly, the insurance industry has ceded this territory, offering no counter argument. When Employers don’t know exactly what to tell an injured employee, the employee is left scared and confused.

Lack of appropriate post-injury communication opens the door for injury attorneys to walk right in!

Avoiding Litigation
How can Zenjuries curtail unnecessary litigation?

e Claims Journal (5/17/12) identifies 4 proactive strategies to avoid unnecessary litigation:

  • Training Employers
  • Distribute Educational Material
  • Clear and Timely Communications
  • Eliminate Drivers of Payment Delays

Of course, most of this is either sorely lacking or completely absent from most processes. Right now everyone relies on emails, clunky systems, Faxes (still?) and the responsibility of people you never see and have hardly any contact with. Its no wonder the system operates so poorly.

With Zenjuries, every one of the 4 proactive strategies are incorporated into the core software, and enhanced with easy to use interfaces and instructions.

  • Training Employers - Covered by Zenjuries' intuitive UI and instructions
  • Distribute Educational Material - the Zenjuries system tracks users progress and guides them with contextual information
  • Clear and Timely Communications - Zenjuries' Zen Tree allows real-time and recorded conversations between managers, caregivers, and the patient.
  • Eliminate Drivers of Payment Delays - Using Zenjuries' Zen Tree will track costs, time delays, and prompt users to complete tasks on time.
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