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  • Jacob Geyer VP of Business Analytics & Underwriting Operations Jacob represents the 9th largest WC carrier.
    Why should insurance companies want to partner with Zenjuries for their WC policyholders? Introducing, Jacob Geyer, VP of Business Analytics & Underwriting at Accident Fund Group, the nation’s 9th largest WC insurance company. The part that interested Jacob the most and that eventually led them to adding Zenjuries as one of their featured Group Dividend Programs (program gives 5% discounts up front to any policyholder using Zenjuries and 5% in arrears as a dividend check to qualifiers) was the communication piece and the aspect of bringing people together to work as one unit throughout the claim. He was right and Zenjuries is one of their best performing programs for 4 years in a row.

  • Ty Beba Chief Organic Growth Officer Ty represents the nation's 12th largest agency.
    Why should national/global insurance agencies use Zenjuries to equip their producers, account managers, and in-house claim reps to deliver an unrivaled user experience? Introducing Ty Beba, Chief Organic Growth Officer at AssuredPartners, the 12th largest broker in the world. AP thrives on power through partnerships. After reviewing the capabilities that Zenjuries offers to the work comp game, Ty immediately questioned, “why hasn’t this been around before?” Currently, AP is onboarding their network of agencies one at a time to provide better work comp solutions.

  • Chris Pelnik CEO Pelnik Insurance Relates how Zenjuries benefits his regional agency.
    Why should local/regional WC insurance agents use Zenjuries to help manage their clients work comp cases? Introducing, Chris Pelnik, the CEO of Pelnik Insurance. Pelnik Insurance is a regional powerhouse that was needing that “one more benefit” to launch their agency into rare air. They were really good at helping their clients prevent losses but struggled to keep up when their clients needed them during the losses. They tried to do it manually but were too big to sustain that model. They found their groove and got into that rare air with Zenjuries.

  • Tim Hayden Chief Executive Officer Talks about how Zenjuries helps protect his employees.
    Why should businesses use Zenjuries to help manage their work comp program? Introducing, Tim Hayden, the CEO of Sargent Metal. Sargent Metal employees 200 full-time individuals working three shifts a day, seven days a week. Even though safety is by far their number one priority, accidents can still happen. Tim hated feeling like he was always in the dark and on defense during work comp claims, and then having to live with the higher experience mods and insurance costs as a result. Zenjuries changed that for him instantly.

  • Morgan Campbell Program Director Discusses how Zenjuries helps manage 1000's of their agents.
    Why should insurance brokers want to partner with Zenjuries to work with their appointed agencies? Introducing, Morgan Campbell, Chief Champion of Technology at MidAtlantic Insurance. Considered the agency for agencies, MidAtlantic works with thousands of independent insurance agencies. With all of that volume comes a lot of communication during claims, and that was proving difficult for them. Zenjuries was able to plug them into their agents and deliver communication automatically, systematically for their WC claim needs.

Zenjuries is an online, cloud-based platform that connects businesses, agencies, carriers, and injured employees. It’s very simple to use and lowers and controls 100% of the work comp injuries that go through the system. The average loss cost is 60% better than the traditional workers’ comp market. The best news, Zenjuries can be installed and put into use in less than 10 minutes!

The bottom line is Zenjuries helps empower businesses to achieve better WC experiences, outcomes and costs.

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