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Most Workers' Comp injuries get sent to Emergency Rooms, when they would be better served at Urgent Care. In addition to possibly faster service, Urgent Care centers are often a closer and better solution for a workers' comp injury. The problem is, not many know it is available as an option for their injury events.

Zenjuries aims to fix this widespread problem. With zMedic, the Urgent Care option for Zenjuries, Urgent Care centers can make their locations be known to all Zenjuries users, and appear on the Zenisphere map.

When an injury is reported within Zenjuries, the users are first given the option to take the injured employee to an official Zenjuries zMedic Urgent Care center, and if they select zMedic, they are giving directions straight to your facility.

Built for the Future

Zenjuries is custom software that empowers every single policyholder to participate as much or as little as they would like.

The results are policyholders with “vested interests” in the outcome of their employees experiences as well as in the total claims costs associated with the injury experience.

Our custom software provides easy to use platforms that creates TEAMS of businesses, agents, carriers, and medical providers coming together to produce a brand new user experience.

The experience is so user friendly due to the ease of use and team collaboration that is 100% automated through our software. The results: much lower costs and user experiences that are world class.

enhancing Exposure

Zenjuries has full support for customized branding, whether its just a logo or full colorization options. You get to use the same robust software that makes Workers' Comp easy, but you can have it match your own branding and marketing. Along with additional tracking and visual reports, zSource is a great option for Carriers.

  • Zenjuries provides mapping and directions to all of your Urgent Care locations.
  • zMedic has the ability to show notes, wait times, and information on each location.
  • Maximize your exposure and increase your business with customized location records.
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