What is a Zen-Pro?

  • Imagine having a work comp manager that waits at the ready for the moment you need expertise every time you have a work comp claim.

    When you have an injury, Zen-Pros are there to take care of details and walk you through each step along the way. Your work comp claims suddenly can become effortless!

  • One of the hardest things about work comp claims is that you don't deal with them every day. Having an expert that knows exactly what to do would make it so much better!

    The problem is, it can be a financial burden having to pay salaries, benefits, and hoping everyone is up to date on all the latest insurance trends.

  • Having a Zen-Pro is like having your own in-house work comp employee that specializes in insurance and Zenjuries, but not having to worry about the responsibilities that come with a full-time employee.

    Its like having the best of both worlds... Your Zen-Pro takes care of all of the hard-to-remember details, and you come out looking like a Pro to your injured employee!

  • The cost to benefits value of a Zen-Pro is huge, and it not only makes your company run smoother, but makes Zenjuries much more effective.

    More effectiveness = Greater cost savings overall.

    Don't wait, the initial release of Zen-Pro is on a first come first served basis, so sign up today!

Having your own Zen-Pro provides the following benefits:

  • Instant access to a Zenjuries expert that provides valuable insurance information.
  • Onboarding of your company or agency into Zenjuries. We do all the heavy lifting for you.
  • On every instance of an injury, we will be your go-to person, overseeing every part of the injury process through Zenjuries.
  • Its like having your own Zenjuries Adjuster that works with policyholders, agents, carriers, and the injured.
  • Making sure you are successful in every single injury claim, creating positive outcomes, saving you time and money.

A Zen-Pro really makes a difference!

Here are some results of companies using a Zen-Pro vs those that do all management on their own.

  • Self Management
    Estimated savings: 33%*
  • Zen-Pro Management
    Estimated savings: 60%*
*based upon average zenjuries user metrics. Results will vary for individual users

Zenjuries is an online, cloud-based platform that connects businesses, agencies, carriers, and injured employees. It’s very simple to use and lowers and controls 100% of the work comp injuries that go through the system. The average loss cost is 60% better than the traditional workers’ comp market. The best news, Zenjuries can be installed and put into use in less than 10 minutes!

The bottom line is Zenjuries helps empower businesses to achieve better WC experiences, outcomes and costs.